I’ve always been passionate about the arts, from drawing and painting at an early age. My interest in photography began after my mother gave me a Polaroid camera when I was seven. During high school I took photography seriously after getting accepted to take some photography courses at the International Center of Photography. I learned how to use film cameras, develop and print photographs. I loved it so much that I decided to study photography in college at Fashion Institute of Technology.

            One thing I’m recognized for is my self-portraits. I’ve been taking self-portraits, since I was sixteen. Because I’m shy and introverted, my outlet for expressing myself was in front of the lens. Fashion and style has a big influence in my life, so I like to document myself wearing my eccentric collection of clothing. I would do my own hair, makeup and style myself into whoever I want to be for the shoot. 

            After graduating college I had time to utilize all that I've learned. My portraits improved greatly and it was getting noticed on social media. I received so many opportunities and get messages everyday from people telling me how I'm an inspiration to them. I hope to continue doing what I love & being a positive influence.