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About Me

Osha Waiters is a content creator and model, driven by a lifelong passion for beauty and art. Born and raised in New York City, she grew up embracing her creativity and spent much of her time drawing and painting, allowing her talents to flourish. As she reached her senior year of high school, Osha stuck to her creative spirit and began studying film photography at the International Center of Photography. This would lead her to realize her passion for the medium, and though she was shy by nature, Osha would use it as a way to express her self, sharing her inner most thoughts and views with the world. As she did so, she would take self portraits, creating alter egos, dressing up and playing different characters, a hobby she continues today.

Now a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she earned a bachelor's degree, Osha focuses on her passions for modeling and photography. While doing so she relies heavily on music which plays a giant role in giving her the inspiration needed to create new, intriguing and unique pieces of art. Following 3D artists, architects, photographers and travel pages on various social media platforms, Osha is driven to continue her work, living her purpose and telling her own and others' stories as she does so. Outside of this, in her free time, she enjoys playing video games, hiking, visiting art museums, and trying out new restaurants. Above it all, however, she loves exploring, traveling to new and old locations across the globe.

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